Futures studies or foresight (previously known as futurology) is the study of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlay them. — Wikipedia (2010)


Ray Kurzweil Predicts Technology Will End Nation States

 Countries Are Over By Dyani Sabin The age of individual countries is over, says futurist Ray Kurzweil. In a video posted to Kurzweil’s Singularity University Youtube account, the Google-employed futurist talks about how technology has already started to merge the … Continue reading


Political Risk 2 – Reflections

We reported (04/06/2017) prior to the UK General Election 2017: There is a minor risk of a hung parliament where, like 2010, the new government may have to collaborate to hold office. This would make managing the Brexit process untenable. The … Continue reading


Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

Elon Musk’s vision on getting to live on Mars.


This is how Big Oil will die

Seth Miller Scientist, inventor, entrepreneur. Mostly just trying to understand the world. See my full blog at perspicacity.xyz. May 24  From WHMP / clipart.com It’s 2025, and 800,000 tons of used high strength steel is coming up for auction. The steel … Continue reading


How Small Events Trigger Large Events in Politics & Economics

The following video illustrates the power of small events to trigger large events. The Great Depression of 1929-33  was triggered, for example, by the default of a small bank in Austria called Creditanstalt. It declared bankruptcy on 11 May 1931 and was one … Continue reading


Political Risk in 2017-2018

In the UK, the conservatives it appears, will win a reduced majority to govern the UK and Brexit process. It is also clear that a loss or hung parliament  for the Conservatives will set the UK back a hundred years politically and economically … Continue reading


Late in the Cycle

You know where we are in the business cycle when you start receiving calls about multi-level marketing schemes or offshore stock brokers call to offer a “trade of a life-time”. Maybe its a property deal in outback Australia, or opportunities … Continue reading


US stocks to rally. Wait for It!

Since mid March 2017, US stock indices have been moving sideways in a slow meandering phase. There’s more to go before this phase completes. This sets up a pattern or determinacy that leads to a clear outcome and conclusion. You … Continue reading


Contrary Opinion and the French Elections

Going into the final round of the French Presidential election we see heavy media bias for Macron to win over Le Pen. Polls indicate Macron  should win by a comfortable margin. The Law of Contrary Opinion in 2016 had indicated … Continue reading


Australian Housing Affordability

Housing affordability is attracting the attention of politicians as concern rises that a housing bubble has made homes too expensive. So far, none of the discussions have really addressed the problems. Several key points can be made here from a … Continue reading


US Stocks for March 2017

We anticipate US stocks have entered a consolidation phase lasting a minimum of  several months. Stocks have performed strongly off the back of the Presidential election. This has served to clarify where things are heading. Any short term ambiguity has … Continue reading


Predictions 2017 – Be Ready

It’s all going to go rather quickly from here. We list our predictions for 2017 and beyond as crisis presents both opportunity and danger. Political confidence and will eroding in the USA and other liberal democratic countries. In the US, … Continue reading


US Stocks Update 25/11/2016

We have reached an interesting juncture with this US stocks update. In the next few trading days – maybe as early as Monday 28/11, we anticipate stocks to open higher and then reverse to the downside. Failure to follow through … Continue reading


Pendulum of Government Overreach has Peaked

The pendulum of government overreach has peaked in most liberal democratic countries around the world (for now). The major political events of 2016 have shown increasing resistance to government given the rising number of breaches in civil liberties and failure … Continue reading


Gold Update 24/11/2016

Gold fell overnight onto major support between US$1180- $1200. We anticipate a spike in gold prices to the US$1370 – $1525 level from near current levels. The time frame for the rally should be relatively short.


Political Prediction Results 2016

We called the US Presidential election (27/07/2016 & 29/10/2016) saying Trump would win. We called the Australian federal election and while we didn’t quite get what we thought would happen, we got second best with the Australian people being the … Continue reading


Stock Market Update 01/11/2016

If US stock markets hold to these levels to slightly lower we can anticipate the birth of a large rally taking markets to new all time highs. Relatively speaking we would expect this coming rally to be weak. We view … Continue reading


US Presidential Election Comment

All the elements are in place for a political meltdown with the coming election. The circumstances of this election are very similar to the Brexit vote that caused an earthquake. Consider: There is a large disenfranchised portion of the US … Continue reading


Plan for Colonizing Our Solar System

Futurism / ET posted: In Brief In an interview with the Washington Post, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reveals what he thinks will be the future of humanity when we eventually colonize space. He talks about a plan for colonizing our … Continue reading


72 common things ten years from now not existing today

By Futurist Thomas Frey How many things do we own, that are common today, that didn’t exist 10 years ago? The list is probably longer than you think. Prior to the iPhone coming out in 2007, we didn’t have smartphones with mobile apps, … Continue reading