Futures studies or foresight (previously known as futurology) is the study of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlay them. — Wikipedia (2010)


Peak Babies, Not Oil

Patrick Cox writing for Tech Digest: Much of my career has been spent refuting this or that doomsday scenario. From peak oil to overpopulation, I’ve been on the other side of the hysteria and often vilified for it. In the … Continue reading


The Satori Generation

Roland Kelts writing for Adbusters: A new breed of young people have outdone the tricksters of advertising. ONO KEI This article appeared in issue #113, now available in our Blueprint for a New World Series Box Set. They don’t want … Continue reading


The future of working from home

 Tom Goodwin, director of The Tomorrow Group & Marketing Writer and Speaker writes: We rarely notice it, but technology moves way faster than culture. The future of work has long been predicted to be more casual and based away from … Continue reading


Ten Reasons Why a Severe Drop in Oil Prices is a Problem

Gail Tverberg blogs on ourfiniteworld.com Not long ago, I wrote Ten Reasons Why High Oil Prices are a Problem. If high oil prices can be a problem, how can low oil prices also be a problem? In particular, how can … Continue reading


The Preeminence of Scientists

Watching the movie Interstellar, one couldn’t help noting the preeminent status scientists have attained as they explain various scientific concepts to the audience. Its as if they have taken their rightful place amongst the gods and other acclaimed mortals. Hubris … Continue reading


Gold Update 20/11/2014

Gold has rallied since the first week of November off lows of US$1131.51. A case now presents where gold has completed its down move for now (Please see our previous updated on gold). Whilst the possibility of new lows below … Continue reading


This Device Diagnoses Hundreds of Diseases Using a Single Drop of Blood

rHEALTH X1. XPRIZE Foundation Wired.com reports: The digital health revolution is still stuck. Tech giants are jumping into the fray with fitness offerings like Apple Health and Google Fit, but there’s still not much in the way of, well, actual … Continue reading