Futures studies or foresight (previously known as futurology) is the study of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlay them. — Wikipedia (2010)


Market Updates – US$/Yen, Gold & US Stockmarkets

Our US$/Yen view remains the same and much to our frustration we  see it remaining in its consolidation range. The US$ has strengthened to just above 104 where it may move a little higher before moving back into the middle … Continue reading


Energy and the Economy – Twelve Basic Principles

By Gail Tverberg There is a standard view of energy and the economy that can briefly be summarized as follows: Economic growth can continue forever; we will learn to use less energy supplies; energy prices will rise; and the world … Continue reading


US Stockmarket Correction Update

Further to our US stock market post of the 9th June 2014 (US Stock Market Correction Now Due) we see the stock market having entered that correction and anticipate it lasting 4-8 months into early 2015. So repeating: DJIA to … Continue reading


The future is smaller– that’s the only way this works

Simon Black writing for SovereignMan. Leopold Kohr was a rather obscure Austrian economist from the early 20th century who spent the better part of his career railing against the ‘cult of bigness’. Kohr’s fundamental premise was simple: Big doesn’t work. … Continue reading


Debt: Eight Reasons This Time is Different

Gail Tverberg blogs on Our Finite World. In today’s world, we have a huge amount of debt outstanding. Academic researchers Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff have become famous for their book This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly and … Continue reading


World Oil Production at 3/31/2014–Where are We Headed?

Gail Tverberg blogs on Our Finite World. The standard way to make forecasts of almost anything is to look at recent trends and assume that this trend will continue, at least for the next several years. With world oil production, … Continue reading


How the iWatch will change advertising forever

By Tom Goodwin, campaignlive.co.uk Tom Goodwin, a director of the Tomorrow Group, explains how he thinks the iWatch will change advertising forever. Tom Goodwin: a director of the Tomorrow Group It will take a tiny screen to finally wake the … Continue reading