Futures studies or foresight (previously known as futurology) is the study of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlay them. — Wikipedia (2010)


Plan for Colonizing Our Solar System

Futurism / ET posted: In Brief In an interview with the Washington Post, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reveals what he thinks will be the future of humanity when we eventually colonize space. He talks about a plan for colonizing our … Continue reading


72 common things ten years from now not existing today

By Futurist Thomas Frey How many things do we own, that are common today, that didn’t exist 10 years ago? The list is probably longer than you think. Prior to the iPhone coming out in 2007, we didn’t have smartphones with mobile apps, … Continue reading


US Presidential Election Prediction

Its clear we are in a cycle of increasing political chaos and uncertainty. This is continuing to escalate. Its happening in liberal democratic countries. National elections are due in these countries (Germany, France 2017), UK (2018). We can anticipate major … Continue reading


Post Australian Election Commentary

In our Australian election forecast of 28/06/16 and 16/06/2016 we forecast the risk of a ‘hung parliament’ or an outright win to the ALP. This was based on the principle of ‘Contrary Opinion’. It took two weeks to resolve the … Continue reading


Is AI The Worst Mistake In Human History?

  Published on June 29, 2016 Featured in: Big Ideas & Innovation, Editor’s Picks, Entrepreneurship, Technology By John Battelle    Founder, EIC, CEO, NewCo One of the most intriguing public discussions to emerge over the past year is humanity’s wrestling match … Continue reading


An AI Just Defeated Human Fighter Pilots in An Air Combat Simulator

In Brief Air combat veterans proved to be no match for an artificial intelligence developed by Psibernetix. ALPHA has proven to be “the most aggressive, responsive, dynamic and credible AI seen to date.” No Luck Beating ALPHA Retired United States … Continue reading


Contrary Opinion and Australian Elections

As political risk increases in all liberal democratic countries we can expect to see the contrary opinion factor playing a greater role in evaluating risk in elections and other important events. One example is of course Brexit, while a close … Continue reading


Brexit Impact 2016

Should the “leave” vote win the coming UK referendum you can expect the impact to have global consequences. It will challenge the survivability of the EU. At the same time it will create massive flights of capital around the world as … Continue reading


Australian Political Elections 2016

It seems Australian voters want another “hung parliament”. The main parties are both doing their best to lose winning government. Little they say offers any resonance with voters. The Australian electorate is deeply cynical of its politicians and none of … Continue reading


Crude Oil Recovers

Crude has recovered nicely and will continue to build a recover to our next resistance level around the US$70 per barrel. Significant resistance operates at this level.


The Structure of Collapse: 2016-2019

Charles Hugh Smith writing on his blog Of Two Minds: The end-state of unsustainable systems is collapse. Though collapse may appear to be sudden and chaotic, we can discern key structures that guide the processes of collapse. Though the subject … Continue reading


Why Globalization Reaches Limits

Gail Tverberg writes: We have been living in a world of rapid globalization, but this is not a condition that we can expect to continue indefinitely. Figure 1. Ratio of Imported Goods and Services to GDP. Based in FRED data … Continue reading


Crude Oil Lows?

We are still waiting confirmation that crude oil prices have completed their forecast lows. Notwithstanding one more low, potentially down to our target of US$12 per barrel, we anticipate the recovery of the oil market. We expect oil prices to … Continue reading


The top 10 sharing economy predictions for 2016, by the experts

Future Predictions by Experts. What is changing? The sharing movement is evolving quickly and in many directions. The growth of platform and worker co-ops, increased awareness of the commons, the evolution of coworking, an explosion of tech-enabled sharing services, and … Continue reading


Global Warming and its Economic Risks

Benjamin Hulac looks into the impact of global warming on the economic side. Climate change is the most severe global economic risk of 2016, the World Economic Forum said yesterday. The nonprofit economic analysis institution, set to convene next week in … Continue reading


Former Fed Economist: Regulators May Be Aiding and Abetting Banks in Not Writing Down Their Bad Energy Loans

Former Dallas Federal Reserve Bank economist, Gerald O’Driscoll, writes in WSJ : Pundits are focused on collapsing oil prices, which reflect the technological revolution in production among nimble private producers, combined with weakening global demand for their product. The result has … Continue reading


Ideological divisions in Economics undermine its Value to the Public

In October Russell Roberts, a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution,tweeted that if told an economist’s view on one issue, he could confidently predict his or her position on any number of other questions. Prominent bloggers on economics have … Continue reading


Global Warming or is NOAA is Messing with Temperature Data Collection?

Climatologist Patrick J, Michaels writes in WSJ: An East Coast blizzard howling, global temperatures peaking, the desert Southwest flooding, drought-stricken California drying up—surely there’s a common thread tying together this “extreme” weather. There is. But it has little to do … Continue reading


Mapping Russia’s Strategy

GEORGE FRIEDMAN looks at Russia’s strategy going forward and its impact on geopolitics. Russia is in a geographically vulnerable position; its core is inherently landlocked, and the choke points that its ships would have to traverse to gain access to oceans … Continue reading


Why Big Banks are So Interested in the Blockchain Technolgy

It turns out that the blockchain technology (which drives Bitcoin) creates an environment that is easy for government to track transactions. Blythe Masters, former major player at JPMorgan, left the bank to start the blockchain firm Digital Asset Holdings. Masters … Continue reading