Futures studies or foresight (previously known as futurology) is the study of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlay them. — Wikipedia (2010)


Gold Update 20/11/2014

Gold has rallied since the first week of November off lows of US$1131.51. A case now presents where gold has completed its down move for now (Please see our previous updated on gold). Whilst the possibility of new lows below … Continue reading


This Device Diagnoses Hundreds of Diseases Using a Single Drop of Blood

rHEALTH X1. XPRIZE Foundation Wired.com reports: The digital health revolution is still stuck. Tech giants are jumping into the fray with fitness offerings like Apple Health and Google Fit, but there’s still not much in the way of, well, actual … Continue reading


6 Trends for 2017 and Beyond.

Tom Goodwin,Director of the Tomorrow Group & Marketing Writer and Speaker: When thinking about trends for 2015 for a new post…. ( which is now published here .. http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/2014/nov/20/digital-marketing-trends-2015 ) …. I found some longer term shifts that I can … Continue reading


Consumer Inflation Verging on Breaking Out in the US

The October Producer Price Index in the US released yesterday showed a 0.2% increase over the previous month. This increase comes despite a massive decline in energy prices over the last 2 months. Most indices contained within the PPI moved … Continue reading


Bureaucracy Must Die

Gary Hamel writes for Harvard Business Review: Almost 25 years ago in the pages of HBR, C.K. Prahalad and I urged managers to think in a different way about the building blocks of competitive success.  We argued that a business … Continue reading


Barclays Has The Best Explanation Yet Of How Solar Will Destroy America’s Electric Utilities

Rob Wile writing for Business Insider Australia: It’s been a good few decades for America’s electric utilities: As regulated monopolies, they face almost no competition and enjoy access to cheap credit. In a new note, a Barclays team led by … Continue reading


Millennials Aren’t Cheap, They’re Broke

Lynn Parramore writes for AlterNet Pundits lament that young people are not buying cars and houses.  Millennials, that perennial favorite topic of pundits, are back in the news. This time they’ve been dubbed the “Cheapest Generation” in a recent piece … Continue reading