News Spot (with Future Implications) 31/05/2012

  • The number of Facebook users currently sits at just over 599 million. In the next few weeks Facebook will break through the 600 million level on its way to the magic 1 billion users mark
  • Pimco’s Bill Gross tweets Gross: The debt rock of Sisyphus can never reach top of the hill. You can’t solve debt crisis w/ more debt. Growth, inflation or haircuts.
  • At the start of May 2012, crude oil headlines shouted “$150 Per Barrel” and “High Oil Prices Here to Stay”. Now, 30 days later, crude oil prices are 17% BELOW their May 2 peak.
  • Facebook closed the month at $29.60, down $8.40 (-22%) from its IPO price and down $15.60 (-34%) from its all debut high. And we said when the IPO was first announced: “social mood is still quite ebullient and using that ebullience to cash up is a smart move for the owners.” It certainly has been in the first month as the market brought the stock back to a more realistic level.

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