The Preeminence of Scientists

Watching the movie Interstellar, one couldn’t help noting the preeminent status scientists have attained as they explain various scientific concepts to the audience. Its as if they have taken their rightful place amongst the gods and other acclaimed mortals. Hubris has lifted them to iconic status as they work to overcome the many problems faced by humanity.

The very making of a movie about scientists signals a change of trend may be near at hand. Scientists face many challenges in their search for truth. Not just with their research but with the need for scientific protocol, impartiality, accurate reporting of data, peer review, the need for funding and competing for funding, the role of government, academia, corporations, conflict of interests, ethics etc, etc.

Art often reflects life and society. Social and artistic events like this also reflect the deep unconscious processes operating inside the minds of people. Just as we have seen the rise and fall of individuals and groups of people, often in a frenzy of social ebullience, so Interstellar may mark a turning point for the acclaim scientists have earned and the hubris our society has bestowed on them.