Corporate & Government Services

To suppose all consumers to be dupes, and all merchants and manufacturers to be cheats, has the effect of authorising them to be so, of degrading all the working members of the community. ~ A.R.J. Turgot provides consultancy services covering micro, macro-economic and social policy, forecasting and commentary.

Our aim is to provide you with predictions and advice that are independent, robust and relevant and based on modelling frameworks that exist outside standard economic forecasting techniques. Our advice rests on non linear approaches to economic and social forecasting.

Key service areas include:

  • Economic Consulting: Gain clarity on economic and social trends; making predictions based on non linear forecasting techniques, participate in policy debate and advise on the future.
  • Corporate Services: Providing you with specialist modelling services and predictions for social, business and economic outcomes including customer insight, industry evolution and social change.
  • Forecasting & Risk Management: Providing specialist prediction services assisting clients to determine the impact of future scenarios on policy, business and other changes in your business and industry.
  • Presentations: Provide you with briefings and presentations to audiences varying from large annual conferences to more informal discussions on how emerging trends in society and the economy may effect your business. Presentations are suitable for all areas of business including board meetings, annual client conferences or business planning events.
  • Publications: Commentary, in-depth analysis and key economic forecasts to give clients accurate assessments of how their social, economic and political environments will unfold.