Video of Big Brother’s spy drone that can watch you from 17,500 ft

Chris Rossini writing for EconomicPolicyJournal:

Big Brother has quite the powerful camera. These are (for sure) the hallmark of a free society.

From Popular Science:

Curious as to how the Defense Department could be spying on you next? PBS checked in with DARPA about the latest in drone camera technology for the NOVA special “Rise of the Drones,” including the world’s highest-resolution camera.

Actually seeing the sensor on ARGUS-IS, or Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System, is still classified, but the basics of how it works have been deemed fit for public consumption…

It can store a million terabytes of video a day, up to 5,000 hours of footage, so soon drones will not only be able to see everything that happens on the ground, but also keep that record.