India About to Hit the Sweet Spot

A combination of factors is bringing India to the “Sweet Spot’.url

A population of workers with an average age of around 35 combined with the arrival of a new government may be pulling Incredible India to where, at last, its population and vigor may carry it aloft. Like China in the early 80’s and 90’s, India has the potential to achieve rapid growth. But due to lack of political will, religious divisions, corruption, poverty, a massive overhang of the post-colonial era when Marxist-socialist solutions were the fashion and lack of capital, India’s progress has been slow.

The analogy is of an aircraft taking off. The back wheels are still on the ground but the nose has lifted up. This has been the case for some time with the deadweight of the various factors holding her back. This is about to change. Continue reading

The End Long Game? 2009-2018

We have updated the main theme of the Emerging Events website. Click on the title to read how larger trends and cycles are moving to complete within the next few years and the implications this brings to to people and nations ……… Find it here: Continue reading

That Which Is Incapable Of Reforming Itself Disappears

By Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,
When organizations are incapable of reforming themselves, breakdown is the only possible endpoint.
Every failing organization, from empires to school districts, responds to its embarrassingly visible failure by proclaiming one reform after another. To take but a few from a long list, China is “reforming” its hopelessly corrupt, debt-based central-planning economy, President Obama is “reforming” the Global Surveillance State (into a presumably kinder, gentler machine gun hand?), The European Union is “reforming” its banking sector and the overly complex U.S. Sickcare system is being reformed with 2,300 pages of additional complexity under the Orwellian title of Affordable Care Act (ACA), a.k.a. ObamaCare.
The one dynamic that matters is of course left unsaid: the inability of the Status Quo to reform itself, i.e. undertake fundamental, systemic reforms. This inability has many facets but only one root: political sclerosis caused by entrenched, vested interests seeking to protect their perquisites and power.

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The Bubble Expands: S&P500 30% Above 200Day Moving Average

Sign of the times – the S&P500 is 30% above its 200 day moving average. This has never happened, ever before in the entire history of the the US stock market. The move signifies the effect US money printing is having on the stock market.

The stock market is in effect experiencing a bubble. In economics a bubble always brings grief when it pops. All bubbles pop. Money printing brings rising prices but does not promote more economic activity, more employment or increases in GDP. Despite the money printing of the last few years US economic growth remains stagnant. Continue reading

US Dollar: Prediction Short Term

Watch for strengthening in the US dollar over the short term followed by a spike down (weakening). Expect gold and silver to reflect this movement. The spike down in US dollars, (up in gold and silver) will be a fake play before the resumption of the major long term trend (strong US dollars).  Anticipate news supporting this event such as a major announcement. Continue reading

Eight Critical Value Points of a Futurist

Futurist Thomas Frey writes on the Eight Critical Value Points of a Futurist:


As a Futurist, people often ask me how many of my predictions have come true. I find this to be a rather uncomfortable question. It’s uncomfortable, not because my track record hasn’t been up to par (actually, a high percentage have come true), but because accuracy of predictions is a poor way of measuring the value of a Futurist. Continue reading