Financial Markets Predictions

On Futurism Methodology
The key to futurism is to understand that humanity never advances in a straight line. It kind of zigzags. Linear logic rarely produces expected outcomes. At times then, the sentiment of “experts” or the public at large becomes useful in determining changes of trend before they happen because they are (in most cases) wrong. Also known by traders as the Law of Contrary Opinion.

As at April 29th 2016

Market Prediction Month End Price Comment
Corrrecting early 2016.
17773.64 Refer to’ Where We Are In The Cycle’ in the Free Articles Section. Correction completing in next several weeks
S&P500 Correcting to 2045, 1980, 1820 2065.30  As above
FTSE 100 6241.89
DAX 10038.97
Shanghai Comp 2738.32
Sensex  +40000 25606.62 +10-15 years
NIKKEI 225 16666.05
ASX S&P 200 Initially 2914.  5252.20 See long term targets.
Sweden OMXS30 833 then 414.46  1360.71
Gold (US$/OZ) Correcting rallying to $1525+/- US$1294.90 Inital target US$1307 then $1525 followed by sell off to Under US$900
Silver (US$/OZ) US$17.890
Oil (US$/Barrel)  Towards US$75.00- US$90.00 per barrel after consolidating between $40 & $55 per barrel. US$45.99 Nymex Spot Month Continuation.
Natural Gas (US$/BTU) US$1.664
Property N/a
Euro/US$ 1.00-1.045 then 1.60 1.1450
GBP/US$ 1.4611
AUD/US$ Achieved.75cents Now 0.50 0.7608
US$/Yen 106.51
US$/CNY 6.4737 Offshore Renminbi
US 10 Yr Treasuries 1.834%
German 10 Yr Bunds  0.272%
Japanese 10 Year Treasuries -0.084%
UK 10 Year Gilts 1.601%